„If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations”. – Bill Gates

Public Relations are oxygen for your business. They look after your reputation, which opens doors and increases the value of your company brand. Their objectives? Earn awareness and influence opinion and behaviour.  Your business gets stronger and more sustainable when communicating with stake-holders: your business partners, investors, employees, media, partners or the general public.

Do you want to be seen and heard?
Do you want to announce a piece of news about your company?
Do you want to build trust within a certain community?
Do you want to build a relationship with a certain audience?
Do you want to feel confident in public contexts (media interviews, media conferences etc.)?

What do you get when working with Buticul de inspiratie?

– People get to know who you / your products / your services are; in other words, awareness among potential clients and partners, on a certain market, region or investors community;
– Good media relations and positive image building, which pay dividends in crisis situation but not only, because credibility and trust are strong currencies of the modern world;
– Influencing public opinion;
– Public education in order to get accustomed to a service / product and its usefulness;
– Getting doors more easily opened for sales or partnerships;
– Smaller fees than a big agency;
– You have the direct contact and the hands-on approach with a senior consultant.

Our Tools

With our strong experience in PR, we support your brand scale new heights, with the help of specific PR tools:

PR Plans;
Digital PR;
Media strategy & campaign;
Media training;
Media relations;
Media partnerships;
Editorial strategy, content planning & execution;
Press releases;
Media kits: photos, company description, management bio, video presentations etc.

We have provided strategic counsel, solutions and implementation in Public Relations, Social Media, Digital Campaigns, Crisis Communications, Media Relations, Media Training & other Marketing/Communications solutions, for a wide range of clients, from start-ups to top multinational companies, world leaders in their industries, and leading Romanian entrepreneurs.


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