What is your unique story?

We believe in ideas that have an impact. Our business is to create compelling stories and communication campaigns. With a team of skilled professionals that have been on the cutting edge in the marketing industry for decades, Buticul de inspiratie is a full-service public relations and communications agency that supports clients make the next step in their businesses.

We are a one-stop boutique, a strategic business partner that provides public relations and communications services able to support our clients achieve their business objectives. Our services range from social media strategy, content marketing and digital marketing strategies, to PR, media campaigns, executive branding, employer branding.

“The eyes and ears of your business”

What does that mean to you? We are “the eyes and ears” of your business: we are ready to help your business creatively tell its own unique story to increase brand awareness, to be recognised and appreciated by its public. In today’s dynamic business environment, you and your business can only but benefit from a unique mix of rich media and communication experience.

We stand by our clients on the long run, providing them the right communication mix at the right time, so that it remains top of mind among their consumers.

From integrated campaigns for top companies in Romania to focused communication projects that act with the sharpness of a samurai sword to reach their objectives, for big to medium sized organisations or start-ups, we deliver results, professionalism, creativity, enthusiasm and carefully thought braincrafts.

Our deep understanding of different industries makes our solutions and approach fast, versatile and unique, enabling us take best practices from a vast area of businesses, gained in 25 years of communication experience, and put them in the service of our clients.

Clients industries:
– IT & Telecommunications;
– Construction;
– Automotive;
– Agriculture;
– Business services: recruitment, training, coaching, law;
– Major business events;
– Life-style;
– Online platforms & communities.

Your advantages

Senior support

What should you tell about your company, how, when?
There is a moment in any company’s life when it’s time to stand out and step up the public stage, How this situation should be handled in order to turn out well and deliver the proper messages, in order to be relevant and differentiate from the rest of the “information noise?” You can be sure that you will have our senior team of consultants along the way, with their “hands-on”, directly involved approach.

Your company gets through a change or challenge?
Any step you make that will bring it to the public eyes or that is worth becoming public, be it a change, a challenge, business development, a new service or product, even or – may we say – especially an employer branding strategy, we assist you to get the most out of this opportunity to attract stakeholders’ (investors, customers etc.) interest. And this would not be possible without the sharp eyes, attention, knowledge and experience of our senior team.

Friendly fees

We accompany you along the challenging road of public exposure with premium services at accessible prices.


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